– If you are experiencing a new cough, fever, sore throat, or shortness of breath. We will not be able to treat you in the clinic. If this is the case, please stay home and rest or contact your primary care provider.Upon your arrival we will take your temperature to help confirm with a no touch thermometer.


– A mask is required to enter the reception or treatment room and receive an acupuncture treatment and must be kept on until you leave the clinic. Please bring your own mask from home. We will have a limited amount of surgical masks for $2 each.


– Before entering and following your treatment, wash your hands with soap and water in the restroom.


– Please maintain social distance of six feet or more from other patients and keep talking to a bare minimum.


– To ensure safe physical distancing and time to properly sanitize and clean the workspace, we will schedule 4 patients per hour and treatments will last 45 minutes. We will be changing the sheets between each patient and blankets will also be single use only. This means a lot of extra laundry! Please use only what you need, thank you. Chairs have been spaced out a minimum of eight feet apart. Cleanliness is our top priority!


– Please avoid touching surfaces as much as possible to maintain optimal cleanliness.
– If you have a punch card, I will mark your punches for you and let you know when your last punch is. If you’d like to purchase a card let us know! If you’d prefer to do touch free payments, Venmo and paypal are also available options!


Thank you for your understanding.

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